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Boxenmauer mit Reifenstapel 143
Boxenmauer weiss vor Reifenstapel blau-weiss mit Kiesbett natur und FlexCurbs blau-weiss
Boxenmauer weiss mit Reifenstapel XL rot-weiss mit Kiesbett und FlexCurbs rot-weiss
Boxenmauer in Aussenkurve vor Reifenstapel 143 rot-weiss und McLaren Fina

RAS Tire Wall - Tyre Wall - Tire Stack - XL - RED-WHITE - 99 cm for racetracks 1/32 - 1/24 scale - NEW

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Pit wall 120 cm WHITE for racetracks 1/32 > 1/24 by RAS.

The product is made of 3 layers of flexible plastic and foam and has the shape of a concrete wall. Due to its flexibility, the pit wall can be used, for example, as an entrance or exit of a pit lane. The article has the following dimenssion:

Pit wall XL WHITE - Dimensions (LxWxH) 120 cm x 35 mm x 5 mm.