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Modellbau Reifen Stapel schwarz weiss
Reifen Stapel Modellbau schwarz weiss mit Kiesbett
Modellbau Reifenstapel 99 cm Tire Wall for slotcartracks black white
Masstabsvergleich 1/24 und 1/32 RAS Rennbahnzubehör alternative zu Carrera 21130 - Dimension tire Walls for scale 132 and 124 for racetracks
Diorama Modellbau Reifen Stapel Kiesbett silber und Curbs schwarz weiss
Modellbau Reifen Stapel XL schwarz weiss Audi R8 - Alternative zu carrera 21130 carrera
Modellbau Reifen Stapel XL schwarz weiss Thunderslot Lola gelb - Alternative zu carrera 21130 carrera
Reifen Stapel Modellbau schwarz weiss Porsche NSR pink - Alternative zu carrera 21130 carrera

Tire stack model building 99 cm XL BLACK WHITE for racing tracks 1/32 > 1/24 vehicle protection accessories

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With full throttle into the crash barriers! No problem with our model tires stack > for racing tracks BLACK WHITE 1:32 - 1:24

Model tire stack for Carrera racetrack - 25cm BLACK WHITE

The product consists of 3 layers of foam and has the shape of lying tire stacks. Vehicles are braked and no longer damaged. The stacks can be mounted next to each other, behind each other and on top of each other, for example, for trucks.

The set contains:

1 piece tire stack L 99 cm

5 pieces fixing sleeves with internal thread M4

5 pieces countersunk screws M4x16

Dimensions: Tire stack dimensions (length x width x height) 988mm x 23mm x 30mm

Included in delivery are a 99 cm long model tire stack and mounting sleeves and 5 screws. There are other color variations and length variations. When mounting, the black fasteners with internal thread are screwed from below. Drilling can be done through a rail or edge strip. Alternatively, a piece of wood can be used as an edge strip next to the rail.

After fastening, only the black fastener is visible and the tire stack can be put on and removed for cleaning the track. The fasteners do not peek out of the stack.

If you do not want to screw from below, there is a mounting kit with sleeves without internal thread. The mounting can be done from the top or can be fixed directly to the web with a glue dot or hot glue dot. This fastening set is available as an article in the online store

The article is available in 2 lengths - 25 cm and 99 cm. If a tire stack of, for example, 50 cm in length is to be installed, it must be remembered that a cutting edge will occur when cutting the tire stack. Here it is recommended to use 2 x 25 cm, so that the stacks look even.

And now have fun building!