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Modellbau Flex Curbs Rot Weiss
Diorama Curbs rot weiss Modellbau
Modellbau Flex Curbs Rot Weiss
Modellbau Reifenstapel Diorama
Flex Curbs Rot Weiss Modellbau Naturbäume
Modellbau Diorama SLOTFIRE Curbs rot weiss
Modellbau Diorama Flex Curbs Rot Weiss
Flex Curbs rot weiss Modellbau
Modellbau Diorama Cubrs und Reifenstapel
Diorama Kiesbett mit Reifenstapel und Curbs
DIY Landschaft mit Reifenstapel und Curbs auf Rennbahn

Model making Curbs Kerbs RED-WHITE curbs for race tracks 1/32 > 1/24

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Model Curbs ROT-WEISS curbs for your race track

Form and function
RAS Modellbau Flex Curbs have the form and function of real curbs as they exist on race tracks worldwide. They have a slanted shape and a grooved contour. When drifting or driving over them, the "rattling" is produced just like the original! Visually, your track will be upgraded as you get an orientation when driving through curves and corner exits. The beginning and end piece is rounded.

Material and dimensions

RAS Flex Curbs are made of very flexible, UV resistant PU material and are not painted. The curbs are made of dyed PUhergestellt and are therefore resistant and durable and available in different colors as strips with the dimensions 308 x 22 x 5mm. Each individual element is 22 x 22mm. The RAS Flex Curbs Set RED-WHITE has a total length of 61.6cm.

The set consists of:
1 piece Curbs strips red 30.8 cm long
1 piece Curbs strips white 30.8 cm long
2 pieces of 3M double-sided adhesive tape (without fabric)

The square curbs are separated with a cutter knife and glued on as desired (e.g. 1 x white - 1 x red - etc. or 2 x white - 2 x red etc.). With the beginning and end pieces you can make white or red beginnings. For gluing we recommend our 3M double-sided special adhesive tape. RAS alcohol cleaner removes release agents and grease from curbs and track. Please check the resistance of the surfaces / substrates before mounting!