NEW 2023: Figures in 1/32!

Modellbau Figuren Gridgirls 1/32
Verpackung Modellbau Figuren rot schwarz Grid Girls
Figuren 1/32 Gridgirls RAS
Diorama Gridgirls Fahrer 1/32 Modellbau RAS Rennbahnzubehör
Verpackung Gridgirls 1/32 Modellbau rot schwarz
Diorama mit 1/32 Firguren Gridgirls Fahrer und Pokal Modellbau
Versandverpackung RAS Gridgirls rot schwarz Modellbau

Model making figures 1/32 hand painted 1 driver with 3 grid girls and cup for race tracks

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Modeling figures set 1/32 hand-painted 1 driver with 3 grid girls and cup for race tracks

Form and function

The RAS model figure sets are design sketches of scenes from the pit lane as they exist on race tracks around the world. Our focus is on realistic proportions of the figures. The color design was made according to our ideas and is valid for the respective set.

We use matte colors to avoid a "specky" look. The hand painting is individual and elaborate and each figure is slightly different. The set is therefore unique.

We deliberately refrain from painting with licensed logos and patches to not be legally attackable.

Material and dimensions

The figure sets are made of plastic and painted with acrylic paints. The figures correspond to the scale 1:32 and are approx. 56 mm high.

The set consists of:

1 figure Grid-Girl with 1 arm at the hip
1 figure group with driver and 2 Grid Girls
1 figure Grid-Girl with arms to the back
1 cup


The figures are placed e.g. directly in the scenery of a pit lane or grandstand. We do not use base plates under the shoes of the figures, as this would not be authentic. The figures can be glued directly onto the surface.

Recommendation: If the figures are to be stabilized, we recommend using small transparent Plexiglas plates (1mm). If required, we can also put together a mounting set for figures in the future. For gluing we recommend our 3M double-sided special adhesive tape.