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Modellbau Kiesbett silber 1 kg
Kiesbett für Modellbau silber RAS
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Modellbau Kiesbett silber mit Diorama
DIY Kiesbett mit Reifenstapel und Curbs

Model gravel bed SILVER 1 kg - for racing tracks model making of RAS

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Model gravel bed SILVER for race tracks for the run-out zone of the race track.

The model gravel bed consists of rounded stones for scale 1:32 & 1:24. Sharp-edged stones would damage the paint of the slot cars!

RAS gravel bed consists of rounded stones for scale 1:32 & 1:24

Color silver

Contents: 1 kg net.


Tape off all areas which are not to be decorated with the gravel bed.

We recommend using e.g. spray adhesive or glue to fix the gravel bed. After applying a layer of glue, sprinkle a layer and carefully press it on. Carefully turn upside down and collect excess gravel bed and reuse later. Now check if a top coat is sufficient. Repeat process if necessary. After a maximum of 2 layers, a dense gravel bed should be present. To ensure a realistic appearance, feel free to indicate a few furrows / tire tracks.

Then paint with approx. 2-3 coats of matt clear lacquer. This will prevent gravel from being dislodged by vehicle take-offs and flinging it towards the road.

Maybe distribute a few tufts of grass irregularly on the gravel bed - done!

Have fun building and decorating.