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ModellbahngreiferSpurH0 Modellbau
Modellbahngreifer Modellbau mit Lok SpurH0
Modellbahngreifer 100 cm
ICE-Wagon-Modellbahngreifer Modellbau
Modellbau Modellbahngreifer fuer LoksundWagon
Modellbahngreifer SpurN Modellbau
Modellbau ModellbahngreiferKopf
ICE-WagonmitModellbahngreifer Modellbau
Modellbahngreiferkopf Modellbau
Modellbahngreiferkopf Modellbau weiches Gummi

Model making model railroad grab for locomotives & wagons with spring balancer L 160 cm for H0 & N gauge | RAS

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Model railroad grab model making for derailed locomotives and vehicles with spring balancer length 1.60 m for H0 & N gauge

With the Model Railroad Grapple you can recover derailed locomotives and railroad vehicles quickly and safely.

Cumbersome contortions are a thing of the past!

The model railroad grapple has a fixed length of 1.60 m and is made of high-quality metal, plastic and rubber parts and cannot be pushed together. The grab weighs only 600 g.

It has 2 handles with which distant or near crashed vehicles can be picked up. When the handles are squeezed together, the pick-up tongs in the grapple head open; when released, they close again.

The metal pick-up tongs are covered with soft rubber material to protect the detailed rail vehicles. Vehicles can be easily retrieved from a distance of approx. 2 meters. To open the pick-up tongs, one of the two black handles must be pressed again. Now the vehicles can be taken out of the pick-up tongs and put back on the track.

When the handles are released, the locomotives and vehicles are held in place by the integrated spring balancer and cannot fall uncontrollably onto the track.

The model railroad grabber is suitable for H0 and N scale.


The item can only be shipped as bulky goods due to its length (1.60 meters).

You can see how the gripper works by watching the following video: