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Modellbau Naturbäume grün
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Modellbau Naturbäume grün 6 Stück
Naturbäume Modellbau von RAS

RAS natural trees GREEN 1/32 - 1/24 - 6 pc per package for car race tracks

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The article is a set consisting of:

3 pieces of RAS natural trees light green

3 pieces of RAS natural trees dark green

The trees are made from heat-treated natural material (tree trunk and branches) and special foliage. Each tree is therefore a lifelike unique specimen and each tree is different. The length of the trees is approx. 350 - 400 mm (35-40 cm) and can therefore be used for the scale 1:32 (length 25-30 cm) and 1:24 (length 30-35 cm). The diameter of the tree canopy is approx. 100 mm.

Use a craft knife or secateurs to shorten the trunk. The trees are delivered without a holder. Landscapes are made of different materials such as B. wood panels, Styrofoam, Styrodur, plaster, lawn mats or wire mesh. The fastening is carried out by means of a drilling directly in the landscape. The gluing / fastening of the trees can e.g. B. with wood glue, hot glue or other adhesives. Work on the transitions with the appropriate scattering material - done!

The trees can be arranged individually or as a group of trees. Our trees look very realistic, lush green and are a real eye-catcher on every racetrack. The high trunk makes it very easy to visually track the vehicles during racing.

Beautify your track with our natural trees !!!! The RAS natural trees are an in-house development and are only available in our shops or at our sales fairs.

Our natural trees are available in 3 color variants in the shop!