NEW 2023: Figures in 1/32!

Modellbau Reiffenstapel mit Curbs und Kiesbett
Modellbau Deko Set rot weiss
Diorama Modellbau Reifenstapel und Curbs
Modellbau Diorama Curbs und Reifenstapel mit Kiesbett
Modellbau SLOTFIRE Curbs und Reifenstapel mit Fly Lister Storm
Masstab Reifenstapel mit 1/32 und 1/24 Fahrzeugen
Modellbau Reifenstapel 25 cm rot weiss mit Befestigungen
Modellbau Holzbahn mit Curbs rot weiss und Naturbäumen
Modellbau Rennbahn mit Curbs und Naturbäumen
Reifenstapel und Curbs an Modellbau Diorama

RAS Starter set RED-WHITE - tire stacks & Curbs for car race tracks 1/32 - 1/24 scale - NEW

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NEW - starter sets to get to know our tire stacks and curbs! Upgrade your racetrack with our RAS functional and decorative products!

RAS FlexCurbs for car racing tracks in a scale of 1/32 - 1/24, color: red-white

suitable for all railways such as Carrera, Ninco, Scalextric, SCX, wooden tracks, etc.

The RAS FlexCurbs and RAS tire stacks are in-house developments and are mainly available on our Shopify shop and at the sales fairs.

Form and function

RAS FlexCurbs have the form and function of real curbs, as can be found on racetracks around the world. They have an inclined shape and a groove contour. When drifting or driving over, the "chatter" is generated like the original! Your path is visually enhanced because you get additional orientation when driving through curves and exiting curves. It is an optical decorative element. The beginning and end pieces are each rounded.

Material and dimensions

RAS FlexCurbs are made in our tools from flexible, UV-resistant polyurethane (PU) material and are therefore resistant and durable. Our tire stacks are not painted, the PU material is colored accordingly so that it can be cleaned with e.g. alcohol is possible. RAS FlexCurbs are available in different colors as strips with the dimensions L 308 mm x W 22 mm x H 5 mm. There are 2 rounded end pieces on each strip. Each individual curb element is 22 mm x 22 mm in size. A RAS FlexCurbs set has a total length of 61.6 cm (2 x 30.8 cm).


The square curbs are separated with a cutter knife or scissors and glued on as desired (e.g. 1 x white - 1 x red - or 2 x white - 2 x red etc.). Rounded beginnings can be made with the start and end pieces. We recommend our RAS 3M double-sided adhesive tape for gluing. Use an alcohol cleaner to remove the waxy release agent, fingerprints and oil-based dirt from the underside of the curbs and the track before gluing.

Pay attention to the resistance of the surfaces / sub-floors before installation!

The tire stacks are an in-house development and are made from CNC-machined multi-layer special foam and have the shape of several adjacent tire stacks. Vehicles leaving the racetrack are braked by the stacks of tires and therefore no longer damaged. The stacks can be mounted side by side and one behind the other. The sample images show you various possible uses.

scope of delivery

RAS starter set RED-WHITE consisting of:

1 piece RAS FlexCurbs 308 x 22 x 5 mm RED

1 piece RAS FlexCurbs 308 x 22 x 5 mm WHITE

2 pieces of RAS 3M double-sided adhesive tape, transparent 320 mm x 20 mm

2 piece of RAS tire stack RED-WHITE - dimensions (LxWxH) 250mm x 23mm x 30mm

6 black fastening sleeves

6 fastening screws (countersunk head) M4, length 10 mm